Gender Roles In Jane Eyre

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In the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte the audience sees how Jane develops as a character after each obstacle she encounters. At a very young age Jane 's parents died and her uncle takes her in, but when he dies her aunt has to take care of her and instead of being cared for she gets mistreated by her cousins and later on she loses her best friend. Also, she gets humiliated in front of her classmates. Then Jane develops into a young lady and she finds love for the first time with Mr. Rochester and soon she gets her heart broken by him and she chooses to leave to escape her life. Once she leaves she struggles throughout her journey to only go back to her first love where she makes a family with him and takes care of him. Jane was raised…show more content…
Thornfield symbolizes Jane 's first encounter with of love and first heartbreak. In Thornfield is the first place where everyone treats her as an equal and she can talk comfortably. Her pupil Adele is quite smart and she learns really fast. Jane starts to be a mother figure for Adele because her mother left her with Mr. Rochester because her mother had relations with him and decided to leave her with him instead of taking her. Through the novel we see the gender norms change and Jane is seen as the man and Mr. Rochester as the woman when Jane decided to help Mr. Rochester when he fell of his horse. Mr. Rochester never acted as the master to Jane he would order her around but after every sentence he would say " if you please " which inferred that he was no ordinary master. Jane falls in love with Mr. Rochester, but she knows he would never love her because they are not in the same social class. Once Mr. Rochester brings some of his friends over Jane starts to get jealous of a woman named Blanche because she is prettier than her and she is in the same social class as Mr. Rochester. Blanche likes Mr. Rochester 's and she wants to marry him; at first Mr. Rochester plays along with her, but he soon discovers she is a gold digger and she only loves him for his money. Once Mr. Rochester confesses his love for Jane he decides to get married with her and he begins to tell her about all the…show more content…
More house was also called marsh end and Jane almost died due to the lack of money. Morehouse symbolizes new beginning for Jane she resurrected. Jane wanted to leave Thornfield because she couldn 't be married with Mr.Rochester so she decided to leave him and make a new life without him. Jane didn 't have a lot of money so when she got to More house all of her money had to go towards the ride and she spent days sleeping outside in the cold weather and began to beg for food. One day Jane collapsed in front of a house and she didn’t know, but her cousins lived in the house. Her cousins gave her food , gave her shelter and soon they gave her a job. Once they found out they were related she was given the money her uncle left her and she decided to share the money evenly with her cousins. They were grateful and jane began teaching the poor children and she would often compare the with Adele. As a few years past Jane still thought of Mr.Rochester and she learned new languages thanks to St.John. One day St.John asked her to marry him, but she refused because she didn 't love him and she viewed him as a brother. St.John told her that she needed to get married with him because that 's what god wanted them to do. Jane believed him and she was about to tell him that she was going to get married with him until she heard a familiar voice call her name. Jane realized that the voice was Mr.Rochester 's and that 's when she finally

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