Gender Roles In Bram Stoker's Dracula?

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Bram Stoker’s fiction novel Dracula is an iconic literary work that still greatly influences the portrayal of vampirism in modern television. For example, aspects of the CW’s drama TV series, The Vampire Diaries, are loosely based on Dracula’s plotline and character constructs. The show is an adapted interpretation of L.J. Smith’s young adult novels, The Vampire Diaries. Both the TV show and the book series feature renditions of original ideas in Dracula that have become popularized, such as the concept of a supernatural, vampiric love triangle. Through the intentional character development of three main protagonists, Elena, Stefan and Damon, as well as reoccurring thematic narratives, the writers of The Vampire Diaries illustrate a universal…show more content…
The mere sound of Elena’s name even resembles that of Mina’s. Elena is a magnetic archetypal character and is constructed into what can be interpreted as an idealized version of Mina, with the justification that Stoker’s Dracula serves as a guideline for the narratives that gender roles have in vampiric stories. Stoker’s influential novel is the first Westernized construct of a literary vampiric story in Europe and ergo creates the first idea of what aspects a vampire story should have, including the construction of distinctive gender roles. Due to the diffusion of the influence of Dracula in pop culture, Mina becomes an idea of complexity and attraction to which the human and undead take great interest in. The relationship between Dracula and Mina is far from romantic and is further complicated by the underlying sexual nature of Dracula’s night visit to Mina. But, as vampires became more desirable as suitors in supernatural pop culture, the relationship between the alluring feminine being and the masculine immortal vampire shifted. The differentiating aspect between the relationships of characters in Dracula and The Vampire Diaries is that Elena’s love triangle features reciprocated romantic interest from all three persons and is not modeled after Mina’s unpleasant relationship with…show more content…
Stefan Salvatore, a brooding, morally straight vampire who is strives to be in touch with his humanity reflects attributes of Harker. Harker is devoted to loving and protecting Mina with his life and proves his love when he avenges her by killing Dracula. Stefan, who falls in love with Elena partially because of his humanistic tendencies, is extremely devoted to Elena and would do anything, including sacrificing himself, to ensure her safety. Stefan fulfills the masculine archetype of heroism through his steady devotion to Elena. However, the most striking comparison that link Stoker’s complex of Harker’s to Stefan stem from the structure of the novel. Many of the chapters in Dracula are Harker’s reflections of his day interpreted through diary entries and letters. In The Vampire Diaries, the show often begins and/or ends with a narration from either Elena’s or Stefan’s personal diary entries told from their perspective point of view. The action of narrating the show via journal entries justifies the influence Dracula has in the portrayal of The Vampire
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