Gender Roles In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

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In Amy Tan short story, The Joy Luck Club, she reveals personal challenges that hint the reader of gender roles in that specific society. Men and women each have specific standards and expectations in the society. The men are often viewed as the one who work all day to support their families financially. While the women, are often viewed as housewives that have to provide the basic and sentimental care to their families. The author shares that "The man who was my husband brought me and our two babies to Keweilin because he thought we would be safe" (Tan 74). Goes back throughout generation and even stories and fairy tales reveal the difference between a man and a woman. Times do change and so should people 's ideas as well. Although, people…show more content…
The sex of a person separates and determines the ability for the person to show emotions. Under no circumstance will a man be seen crying over a movie on their friends arm. Although, woman could cry and sob all she wants because she is a women. Both men and women should have the opportunity to share emotions freely because it is natural to feel pain. For instance, a two year old boy will cry when he gets a cut because he is expressing pain through his actions. The boy will be judged for crying by the parents or anyone around him. Now, picture a girl in the similar situation, the parents would have rush to comfort her. Women are stereotyped as weak and this is where men come in action to protect the women. Generations have taught children that women should serve the men and be the ones that clean the house. Although, there are some exceptions to this idea. Women who are single mothers should be able to work and maintain a job just as men. Also, men could be able to clean and cook for their families without being judged by others. Finally, gender roles in a society should not determine a person ability to maintain emotions or
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