Gender Roles And Oppression Essay

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To understand the relationship between gender roles and oppression, we need to define some of the key terms for our discussion. In doing so, understandings of how all forms of oppression are linked and how they intersect will emerge. For example, the forms of discrimination a Latino woman may experience on the job. She may be earning less than her white co-workers (which includes both white men and white women) and less than any Latino male co-worker. She faces both racism and sexism at the same time; she cannot separate the “racialized” part of her identity from the “gendered” part of her identity.
A gender role is the overt expression of attitudes that indicate to others the degree of your maleness or femaleness; “your gender role is the
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Women are still being abused, objectified, oppressed and discriminated against. Women still face discrimination in the workplace, earning a fraction of every dollar a man receives. They find themselves forced to choose between a professional life and a family, and judged for their choice regardless. Women also face discrimination based upon some perceptions of what they can and cannot do. Our exposure to gender roles by the media influence us in our daily lives, sometimes negatively. The third issue will include those individuals who deviate from the gender norms as we discuss the infamous “Bathroom…show more content…
Power-over is power that is used in a discriminatory and oppressive way -- it means having power over others, therefore domination and control over others (e.g. through coercion and violence). Power-with is power that is shared with all people; it means using or exercising one’s power to work with others equitably, for example, in a social movement.
Privilege is an unearned, special advantage or right that a person is born into or acquires during their lifetime. It is supported by the formal and informal institutions of society and conferred to all members of a dominant group, by virtue of their group membership. Privilege implies that wherever there is a system of oppression (i.e. racism, or white supremacy) there is an oppressed group and also a privileged group, who benefit from the system of
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