Gender Roles And Gender Stereotypes

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According to Nielsen the average American watches about 5 hours of television per day (Koblin) Nielsen said that in 2015, Americans spent about nine and half hours each day consuming content (Koblin) but, do we ever take the time to break down gender stereotypes in advertising and commercials? Gender stereotypes are “generalizations about the roles of each gender. Gender roles are generally neither positive nor negative; they are simply inaccurate generalizations of the male and female attributes” (Brewer) but, what about in advertising and commercials? During this essay I will be discussing stereotypes, gender roles, and gender in mass media and stereotyping commercials and breaking down gender stereotypes. Hopefully this will help my audience get a better understanding of what gender stereotypes actually are and what to look for when they are surfing the internet or about to watch their favorite sitcom. When it comes to men’s characters in advertisements and on television, they are portrayed as “hard workers while women are portrayed as sex objects and are less prevalent and more likely to be shown in families, less likely to be employed in professional occupations. Women are sometimes less likely to exercise authority”. All of this is a stereotyped behavior, because of imagery advertisements and commercials provides pervasive that standardize media frames that standardize viewers expectations and experiences. In the past men have been considered to be financial providers, career-focused, assertive and independent (Wolska). Nowadays a family model is based rather on a partnership and women have more rights in the labor force. Women liberations movement fought for the rights of women and for redefining traditional roles (Wolsk... ... middle of paper ... ...time you’re suffering the internet or getting ready to watch your favorite sitcom after a long day, take into consideration how there is a lot more gender stereotyping than one person might think. Be aware of gender stereotype, in mass media and also in commercials and advertisements. People watch millions of hours of television every year but, do they really take into consideration of the roles each person plays? These are just a couple of little things that we could all think about. I personally think advertising is reflective of the opinions of the society in most cases and getting a better understanding of gender stereotypes in adverting and commercials will help you learn things such as even though things might be portrayed one way that may not always be the case. I’m a strong believer that most people believe what they see with doing the necessary research.

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