Gender Roles And Gender Inequality

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Gender Roles The traditional gender roles have been slowly blurred over time. Traditional mid-20th-century American gender roles separate the roles of men and women within a household. Men were the head of household and then the women obeyed their husband. Within the last thirty years, the distinction between the two genders has slowly become equal in the workplace and in daily life. In the workplace, over the years gender inequality has become a big topic of discussion. The discussion of gender inequality ranged from wages to having the higher level positions within the job. As stated in Gender Pay Equality “On a percentage basis, a woman earns only 79 percent of what a man earns. This is known as the “gender earnings ratio.” The 21-percent difference between men’s and women’s earnings means that women are paid less than $4 for every $5 paid to men” (Maloney). Although the gap in pay between genders is still large taking small steps is what it will take for pay equality in the future. Another issue in the workforce is the positions male and females hold. For the last year, I have been volunteering every Sunday for the last year with my churches kitchen staff to prepare breakfast in the morning, and on special occasions such as New Years. I noticed that the men that come through the line tend to be more forceful with the women in the way they talk, than when a male worked back in the kitchen. I also noticed the head on the ministry wanted a male to be the leader. Many reasons that men even began to be head of household, inferior, or leaders is because of biblical teaching. Some women believe they have to be under the rule or lead of a man because that is what they interpreted the Bible as saying. Another inequality that is dissol... ... middle of paper ... ...r first woman front-runner of an election, Hillary Clinton, of the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton being the front-runner for the Democratic Party demonstrates that as a country, we believe women can potentially run our country which used to be unheard of. Not only does it show the potential in women it shows women are will to put the time and effort into what they are passionate about as men would do. Gender roles at one point defined who we were as a whole. Often time women wanted to be put in the position of a man, but they didn’t want the responsibility that came with being placed in the role of a man. Once women started to break away from what was expected of them, change became something reachable within our near future. Although not all women and men believe as a society we should go against the tradition, women shouldn’t be looked upon as inferior to men.
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