Gender Roles And Gender

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For many years society has embraced the idea that the difference between men and women were biologically determined. The term gender role refers to the set of social and behavioral norms that are considered appropriate for individuals of a certain gender. Gender roles, unlike gender itself, are socially constructed. An individual’s gender role is molded through socialization and we learn the ways, traditions, norms, and rules of behaving according to what others expect from us. For us, learning how we are expected to behave is a part of growing up in any society. Everywhere around the world, men and women have always had different roles in the work place as well as households. In the opinion of many there are differences as to which comportments and personality observed between men and women are due to innate personality and which are cognate to convivial or cultural factors, therefore the product of socialization, and to what degree the differences are due to physiological and biological differences.
Some philosophers maintain that gender roles and demeanor is the product of gregarious conventions, albeit the opposing theories question this. We customarily assimilate cognizance to categorize ourselves by gender around the age of three. Parents today often give their sons trucks, toy guns, and superhero models, which inspirit vigor, aggression, and solitary play. Parents often will give their daughters dolls and habiliments to dress up that foster nurturing and role playing. Studies have revealed that children will opt to play with gender congruous toys even when given cross-gender toys to play with because they apperceive that they will receive positive reactions from their parents when they are playing with their gender concret...

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...r or both spouses administer the bank account and pay the mortgage, and, in general, deal with a budget. It is also becoming more frequent for both the husband and the wife to have separate checking accounts. Less common but still seen is some couples choosing to keep separate funds. This goes particularly for couples that are together or may live together but are not yet married.
In some cases, women take the religion of their future husbands. Some places in the world there are still firm rules about these matters. Marriages may not be privileged by some religions if it takes place outside of the church. Today, commonly when there are children, the parent who feels most strongly about their religion will get their spouses approval to raise the child in that person’s religion. Sometimes children are even raised in both religions or in some case no religion at all.

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