Gender Roles And Behaviors In Society And Society

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Moreover, “women and men are allocated to a gender role as we all must act out the masculine or feminine behaviour as arranged by our society and our culture.” Gender roles and behaviours associated in society and culture between men and women is femininity and masculinity. Femininity is connected with traits such as emotionality, cautiousness, collaboration, common sense, and fulfilment. Masculinity tend to link with traits such as reasonableness, effectiveness, opposition, independence and callousness. Similarly, “Gender roles express our respective place or position in the larger society relative to traditional beliefs or masculinity and femininity and reflect essential qualities for appearance, mannerisms, personality traits and beliefs…show more content…
The operation of household duties should also been evened out appropriately as it is important for men and women to b a primary source in the relationship, in the household and in financial managements. Traditional gender roles are patterns of behaviours that have left an indelible impact on society and our thoughts about men and women; this is evident within the views and expectations of men and women in the early and mid 20th century. As mentioned above, men’s are considered responsible of taking care of the family financially by taking their jobs as sole providers more seriously, where women are expected to be in charge of running the household. Additionally, women’s were seen as more emotional than men as they are more likely and more encouraged to open up about their…show more content…
In society, it is seen that women are not worthy to work in the workforce as their roles are seen by working at home, but due to the increase of unemployment, a minor increase in casual jobs and part time work has been allocated for women entering the workforce. “Unpaid household work remains in traditional gender roles, with women spending a third of their waking hours on housework and men one-fifth.” Contrastingly, due to the dainty increase of women in the workforce, women are still substantial to work at home by cleaning, cooking, washing. This statement further emphasis evidence as no matter what women work for, they will always be paid with a significant low amount of money due to the gender roles in society. Sometimes gender roles can also be developed by immensely influenced by the same prevalent agents: Family, peer group, school and media. This is true through actions, values, experiences, thoughts and behaviour. Hence, gender roles in society are unequal and are a discriminate between men and women. Men are always compared to women with having more priority, easy job, good pay, where as women are substandard to working in poor condition environment with a insignificant low amount of money.

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