Gender Role And Gender Equity

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There has been discussion about gender role and gender equity for a long time. As we are striving for gender equity, the origin of gender role is also a good topic to research on. In this paper, I will first give definitions of the two explanations for gender role, social constructionism and biological determinism. I will talk about the comparison of this two and give out my preference. Second, I will mention more about gender equity, including the supposed different gender set, the possibility of gender equity and biological understanding of gender equity.
As gender role is illustrated as socially constructed in some gender study class, they are not that certain when we are talking about it in the field of anthropology. There are two explanations
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I think biology and culture should both have an influence on the construction of gender role. Like mentioned in Wilson and Daly’s paper, young male syndrome is a good example for the biological influence on gender role, which falsifies the social constructionism. However, we cannot prove biological determinism using this example, because we cannot rule out the culture components. It is more likely that both biology and culture are involved in the construction of gender role. In the analysis, which one weights more depends on the particular group of people we are researching on. We also know that environment has influence on gene factors. Culture and biology factors even have interactions with each other. My opinion of this discussion is similar to the one in Wilson and Daly’s…show more content…
In societies that women contribute more nutrition, the female social status is higher. According to this, I guess if women can make as much contribution as men do, after some time as the stereotype goes away, women are going to have equal social status as men do. One problem is that because of the pregnancy efforts and more parental care than men, women need to take more time on offspring. Therefore, even women can have the same efficiency as men do, women still cannot do as much work because of the shortage of time. This problem may be solved by the increase of production level and the industrial revolution. Before the revolution, men have an advantage on making a life because of the bigger size and strengths, which are important in agriculture and foraging. After the industrial revolution, because the machine takes the original part of men’s work and the most important factor of efficiency shifts to the intelligence force. Men does not have the efficiency advantage as they did before. As the advocacy of gender equity, there are more policies about encouraging men to invest in parental care and the pregnancy process. For example, in some European countries, fathers will also get paid parental leaves. The result is that women get to have more similar time to do work as men do, which leads to more gender equity. As for biology
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