Gender Representation in Television Advertising Aimed at Children

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Gender Representation in Television Advertising Aimed at Children Television is full of advertising that is aimed at children, whether it is to make them want something, or to get their parents to buy it for them. This can actually be quite dangerous as it can make the children become spoiled. Close inspection of these adverts makes us question how children are being represented in them, as it appears that everything is being promoted as being the perfect product, which makes the children who the product is aimed at are made to think that they will have to act like the children in the advert. These are not fair and accurate representations of the children as they are not like this at all; every child is different and unique in their own way. The messages sent to young girls in particular are the most interesting because they are being sent the message that they all have to be “perfect princesses who always have to look beautiful” this is wrong as this isn’t the way that girls should be seen Advertisers segment the audiences into different sections because different products would apply to different age groups, different personalities and different couples etc. They create audience profiles to determine what kind of person would buy their product, so they can create the advert around the audience profile and hopefully attract their desired target audience. Some advertisers use pester power to try and make the child pester the adult for the product. This is quite an effective sale strategy because the younger children are, the more attention they require. In some ways the advert is actually encouraging the child to ask repeatedly for the product until the parents give in. The spider man advert that was aimed at young boys aged about 8-12 years old was being very stereotypical of boys that age. They had the boys in the advert that were the same age as the target audience, and also the boys were wearing the stereotypical boy colours such as blue and red.

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