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593 words

This research question for this study consisted of wanting to know the preschooler’s views on gender related games and toys. The hypothesis consisted of stating that this study was focusing on whether gender specifically age and sex had an impact on views of toys and games. The research was done due the fact that there is so much information on how early boys and girls distinguish between their sex along with the roles they should follow. The literature discusses how boys tend to play in a more open environment, more rough and with their sex as to where females play in more enclosed spaces, their own sex and more gentle (Oncu & Unluer, 2012). The main gap found within this literature is that the researchers are mainly focusing on the age and sex and if they correlate with their views on games and toys. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the research question for this study was focusing on whether gender specifically age and sex had an impact on views of toys and toys.
  • Explains that the participants for this study were 60 preschool boys and girls ranging from the ages of 48 months to 71 months. the data was received by two interviews.
  • Explains that both females and males believed they should participate in their own gender-appropriate games, while younger kids preferred neutral toys and older children preferred gender specific toys.
  • Explains that as boys and girls get older they prefer gender-specific games and toys while at younger ages prefer neutral toys and games. a limitiation that was discussed within the research is that they are so quick to pick up on their parent’s views on gender roles for their children.
  • Explains that this article was helpful for their research because they are focusing on the different types of play within genders.

The data was received by two interviews. The participants were given three scenes, a home, school and a playground along with an adult holding a present along with two girl puppets and two boy puppets (Oncu & Unluer, 2012). Each child was worked with individually and asked who would be in each scenario and then asked what would be in the package at the very end of the book (Oncu & Unluer, 2012). The essential materials within this study were the scenes shown to the children and the dependent variable would be the answers the children gave such as, who should play in this scenario? The critical elements for this study were the answers of the children and their views on the scenes given to

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