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In todays world women are considered as equal breadwinners in the family. They receive college and graduate degrees, and yet, women earn less than men. The impact of the gender pay gap signifies that women earn less over the lifetime period, which results in lower retirement benefits and a risk of poverty. Being a complex issue, gender pay gaps is caused by variety of factors, such as discrimination at workplace, when women paid less than men for the same job. Also, it is significant to analyze why boys and girls born with equal opportunities have different carrier expectations. As women and men carry out different jobs, sectors dominated by men are paid higher wages. The society has shaped gender roles and values that determine women’s choice…show more content…
By looking through the prism of the feminist theory, one can indicate that the reasons are based of the gender roles in the society and how women are unequal economically and politically because of her choices. However, women did not choose to be paid less. It is a gender discrimination that builds up the picture. The conflict theory can interpret the issue by focusing on social inequality and conflicts between the groups and that it is intentionally established in the society. For many women, equal pay is not only about discrimination and fairness. In some cases it means providing food and housing for the family and trying to survive. This paper will examine the nature of gender pay gap, its possible causes and what should be done on governmental level in order to eliminate it. Articles that study gender pay gap will be evaluated through the feminist theory considering racial and ethnic backgrounds. Also, it is significant to
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The author also points out the continuing need to criticize the human capital analytical framework, and the significance of taking a collective perspective on the pay gap. The author studies a report from the American Association of University Women, which shows the difference in pay just 1 year after graduation. Based on the analysis of the data, the author demonstrates the importance of understanding how the gap can be framed to look smaller or larger by opting certain

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