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In order to bring change, the myths of Gender have to be altered. Believing that the world consists of only two genders has been a cultural invention which does not accommodate the vast number of experiences humans are capable of living. According to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network in 2009, “86% of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students experienced harassment at school; one in three skipped a day of school in the past month because they felt unsafe there” (Colombo 376). Their gender preference is not accommodated in society, and as a result, they are being discriminated, judged, mentally affected and not allowed expression of their social identity. There are many cultures that have three or more gender categories.…show more content…
The new myth will not include qualities certain genders need to follow. Body posture, speech patterns and styles of dress is no longer going to demonstrate a gender role. With my new myth males will not have to act or behave a certain way, and work very hard to follow “rules” to maintain a manly front. They will be able to walk, talk and act however they want, and not be scared to be perceived as someone “gay”. The differences and categorization of genders will recede from society and allow Americans to freely express themselves in any manner. Changing the myth will allow people to be conscious and considerate of the vast identities around them and allow social change in…show more content…
“Healthy Children”, an online website source by The American Academy of Pediatrics, comments that “As your child develops her own identity during these early years, she’s bound to experiment with attitudes and behaviors of both sexes, there’s rarely any reason to discourage such impulses” (“The American Academy”). The new myth will allow a boy to wear dresses every day or a girl to only wear sport shorts, without being judged or discriminated. Americans and kids will not be judged on gender rather by who they are and how they define themselves. In the future, children will not grow up thinking that there are qualities certain genders need to follow you can have any qualities, a boy will not be judged if he cries and being passionate will not be considered feminine. Americans will be able to establish their gender identity

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