Gender Issues In The Stoning Of Soraya M.

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Gender issues have drawn attention from thespians over the past few decades with most movies revolving around this topic. Gender roles and the discrimination of women have been the main topics of concern in most movies in the recent past. This paper analyzes the movie, The Stoning of Soraya M., which revolves around a woman, who is stoned to death for allegedly being promiscuous. The movie shows women as inferior to men as illustrated by the differentials in the roles and the decision-making process. Gender issues In the movie, discrimination against women in the Islamic society is evident. The protagonist, Soraya, is stoned after allegedly involving herself in extramarital affairs with her employer. Justice in the Islamic society is one-sided. In a just society, the man deserves a similar punishment given that he is also involved in an affair with a 14-year-old girl whom he wants to marry. For a man to marry another wife, he should first divorce his first wife. Therefore, the man may be said to have committed a similar sin by engaging in love affair with a 14-year-old girl. The disregard for women is further exemplified by Ali 's decision to take his sons and leave the daughters with their mother. Ali avoids the responsibility of helping his daughters by claiming that his wife is in a sexual relationship with a widower. His intention from…show more content…
Most movies today revolve around gender inequalities as they occur in society. This paper discusses the main gender issues that can be seen in the movie, The Stoning of Soraya M. Some of the outstanding gender issues in the movie include the inferiority of women, injustices, overreliance on men, and the contribution of women to the escalation of their troubles. Nevertheless, at one point, Zahra, a female character, stands her ground to challenge the misconception that men 's decisions should not be

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