Gender Issues In Difret

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Issues regarding gender equality affected the world for years. Gender equality issues hinder females, often violating basic human rights. A common example of this is the right to one's own body. The statement that people have the rights his/her own body is broad. It encompasses matters ranging clothing they want to wear to what gender they want to be. The film, Difret, attends to the ideas of gender equality, rape culture, and the right to one's own body. Addressed by a documentary, these ideas provide a single story about Ethiopian culture.
There are several prominent matters in this film. The first few notable concerns were the prevalence of rape culture, traditions that violate basic human rights, and abduction. These all seem to tie together under the general issue of violating basic human rights; however, they each have exclusive aspects and require independent acknowledgment. According to Feminism 101: A Crash Course in Vocabulary, rape culture is the "normalization of rape and sexual assault within a culture." Rape culture appears within "Difret" shortly after Hirut's abduction. Enforced by
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This came to light when the police did not believe that Hirut was 14 because her breasts had developed. Despite the paperwork brought in by a priest, the police stood fast in their own opinions. The next time this was discussed as an issue, it was stated that women rarely win self-defense cases. This point resonates after watching The Hunting Ground. The schools disregarded the women in those cases to protect its image. While the reason for ignoring the women is different, the result is the same. Social justice systems leave women isolated with their traumas. However, when men believe something is unjust, the police and court listen to them. In conclusion, the inequalities presented in Difret and The Hunting Ground demonstrate the sexism that is inherent in many justice

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