Gender Interactionism Essay

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Gender roles in society is how we perceive the gender should speak, act, dress, and present themselves. The more the gender conforms with this role, the more masculine/ feminine they are. The symbolic interactionism view is “a theoretical perspective in which society is viewed as composed of symbols that people use to establish meaning, develop their views of the world, and communicate with one another.” In the symbolic interactionism view, it would break it up to the meaning of gender, the meaning of a masculine, and the meaning of feminine. Gender role as stated before is what we believe the gender should act, speak, dress, and present themselves. Follow the role, then you are considered a normal male and female. Go against the role, and it is a sanction and will have consequences on how you are viewed in society. Gender is the biological and physical traits that are associated with one’s sex. A male has a penis and a female has vagina. The meaning of masculine is “how manly you are.” To determine this, it goes back to gender roles, a male with a deeper voice correlates with higher masculinity. Hair on your chest and face are also ways that determine your level of…show more content…
The role of a man is to provide for the family, the “breadwinner”, finding a mate, taking over their father’s company if any. The role of a woman is to care for the family, care for the house, care for the husband. Today’s society, it does not look like this anymore. Society has evolved, and it has become the norm for women to provide for the family, and sometimes it’s the male who is the stay at home dad. In sum, the role of each gender can be intertwined with one another and even swapped. Society is forever evolving; therefore, social norms evolve with
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