Gender Inequality: Equality And Equality In The 21st Century

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Females are paid seventy-nine cents for every dollar that a male is paid, for the exact same job. Females are told that they should never aspire to be anything more than a housewife. Females are not allowed to go to school or attempt educate themselves. Females are viewed as submissive and in the worst cases, expendable. Females fear being stoned to death for stepping outside of the social norms. This is all happening in the twenty first century and some of it is even happening here in the very place that we pride so much on serving justice and equality for all. However, there is nothing equal about these situations and it is a result of a few select words from a book that was written thousands of years ago. Although the idea that men were stronger and more capable may have been applicable at one point in time it is no longer true. Women are surrounded by stigmas because of natural things that they have no control over. Jesus often preformed miracles to authenticate his identity. These miracles showcased his power over sickness, nature, death, and the supernatural. One of the more interesting of these is the occasion on which Jesus cured a woman of her ‘issue of blood’. This ‘issue of blood’ is a woman’s naturally occurring period. Unfortunately, this woman had bled for twelve years straight. When a…show more content…
Each example can be connected to an issue that women face today, just in an evolved form. Women have fought continuously, and continue to fight every day, for the right to be treated as equals in a world that sees them as lesser beings simply because of a few different genetic make ups. Although Adam may have come first that does not take away from the fact that Eve managed to change the fate of the entire human race with one bite of a forbidden
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