Gender Inequality And Sex Trafficking

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Gender inequality and sex trafficking has been a major problem in the world and until now, the problem still persist. Women are mainly the victim in these kind of cases. Half the Sky is a documentary film that shows the victim of gender inequality and sex trafficking. The film addresses issues that we’ve never seen with our own eyes and are telling the reality. Through the film, we are able to see the problem through the victim’s lens or perspective. Gender inequality and sex trafficking are not something to be taken light of. These issues are a major problems and the lives of millions are played inhumanely. Gender inequality has been a social problem for centuries and is still in practice as of right now. Men cannot accept the fact that it is possible for men and women to be equal. Gender inequality is slowing decreasing, but to this day, women are still looked at as less than men. Gender inequality affect the whole world differently, it exist in all of social classes. Both rich and poor suffers from gender inequality. One example would be that when man and woman get married, the society will assume that the man controls everything, especially about the money. However, in the lower social class, the gender inequality is more significant because gender inequality in the lower class usually related to sex trafficking. Hence, different cultures will also have different kinds of gender inequality. Long time ago, woman is prohibited to finish their education as they are more suited in the kitchen. Although most woman is now able to finish their education, some cultures still do not allow it. When we are talking about the effect of gender inequality, there are many of it. Some of it would be increasing of women mortality as they are tr... ... middle of paper ... ...and take actions immediately. The prevention of gender violence is mostly determined by the government. The government could also work together with the local community to find the root of the issues. What’s important is that government should not ignore it or else, it will turns out like in the Half the Sky, where the government does not take any action at all to prevent or stop it. Another thing that countries could do is to heavily promote gender inequality. Most people did not know how serious of a problem this is and by addressing it, it will makes the society to realize the issues that we are facing. The government should also play a role in promoting gender violence, as they should bring greater attention to violence. All of these is yet one of the few thing that countries could do to stop gender violence. Genders were made equal and it should remain that way.
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