Gender In The Movie Gett

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1. Explore the seemingly limited setting and limited palette in get: the trial of Viviane amsalem.
In my opinion, in the movie, “gett”, the director uses only court as the setting of his or her movie. Therefore, he or she just wants to emphasize that everything happens in the court, and the conflict and the resolution also would be solved in the court. Personally, the setting makes me to feel that Viviane is imprisoned in inevitable law, and her right is totally ignored by the justice of the court. In this movie, the director uses white and black as most palette in this movie. In my opinion, the director really does well about using the opposite colors of each one. Because of the palette in this movie, I feel that movie is very stuffy and
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However, her father believes that she cannot be a female, and actually he already knows that what Alex really wants to be. At this moment, I could figure out that gender is just boundary that distinguishes between male and female. Her mother thinks that if Alex is a real female, Alex can be happy, and her parents don’t have to think about what other people thinks about Alex. On the other hand, sexuality is quite different from gender. For example, when Alex has a sexual relationship with Alvaro, she puts her penis into Alvaro’s rectum. In this scene, I could recognize that Alex doesn’t want to be a female, and real sexuality is not related to gender according to what people really want to be. What Alex choose to be is real her sexuality not relating to her…show more content…
He really wants her to be free and to do what she really wants. He always wants to be Alex’s side. For example, when Alex hits her best friend, her father doesn’t blame what she did. On the other hand, Alvaro’s father worried about his son’s sexuality because Alvaro is a gay. For instance, his father asks him about whether Alvaro likes Alex or not. After Alvaro says that he likes her, his father says he was afraid that Alvaro was a fag. It means that Alvaro’s father couldn’t accept his son’s sexuality, and wanted to change his son’s sexuality. Thorough this scene, we can realize that how people think about abnormal

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