Gender Identity: Gender, Culture, And Identity

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Gender identity, today in the politically correct society that we live in this topic can be discussed in the comforts of your home with complete discretion or it can be the topic of a major debate on national news. Sex is simple, sex is science, and sex is proven biologically and understood globally therefore there is not much space for debate in my opinion. Gender however is can be conceived differently from household to household, across county lines, state lines, and vary depending on what country you live in. Other factors that shape gender identity are culture and environment, and I feel that a secure idea of who you are leads into a healthy adulthood with successful relationships.
I feel that my upbringing was very directive in how I
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Initially at a young age women were viewed by me as objects for sexual satisfaction and that was ok because I was a young man and to prove that I was indeed sure of my sexuality it was only sensible to engage in sexual acts and treat women the same way. Luckily for me I grew up and my thoughts on the treatment of women changed drastically as I have younger sister and the thought of her meeting someone like me at a younger age was terrifying. I think that when I got older and became friends with women and heard of their daily struggles that they face it made me more understanding and compassionate and this came sometimes as a conflict when I felt that I was supposed to project this manly, tough exterior but I was open, expressive and even sensitive sometimes when exchanging dialogue with my closest women friends. I think this was a gender confrontation because things I viewed as feminine or did not discuss in the typical locker room or weight room I was now becoming comfortable with and the things I used to view as “guys just having fun” turned into immature and degrading. This was an adverse time in my life but now I realize that it unidentified

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