Gender Identity As A Female

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I define my gender identity as a female because I was born a female, look like a female, and act like a female. While a female usually has a curvy body, long hair, a soft face, a male is tall, muscular, and with short hair. A female shows off traits of being affectionate, nurturing, beautiful, delicate, and dependent, while male traits display strength and independence. Those who define themselves with a female identity must portray those traits and characteristics listed, just like male identities must show the inverse of whats listed above. My gender map was always consistent on the feminine side. As I look back at it now I notice that my gender map is even marked by a bolded pink font, which I believe was a subconscious connection to my feminine spectrum markings. When filling out my gender map, I never hesitated on marking the feminine/female side. I physically present myself as a female through my very feminine wardrobe which includes skirts and dresses, by wearing make up, my long hair, and my overall feminine facial features. The traits and behavior patterns that I possess such as being polite, organized, never swearing, and always smiling fall very far on the feminine side because they are described as the bases of girly actions as also explained on on how to be a girly girl. All of these explained actions connect with being and acting a female, following female stereotypes and expectations. These particular traits and behaviors that I display are also always commented on by my friends and family, who identify me as the most girly girl they 've ever met. Although I define and am regularly defined as a woman and as feminine, there was one time when my gender identity/ position got misinterpreted because of my ... ... middle of paper ... ...the confusing difference between sex and gender, sex being “male and female designated by biological characteristics” ( Markunas 10-07-2015 ) and gender “a socially defined characterization into male and female” ( Markunas 10-07-2015 ). By these I can now determine that when talking about my sex I refer to me biologically being born a female, and my gender associates with my behaviors, physical traits, personality traits, and other characteristics. Last but not least, this unit and activity opened up my eyes on the basic, sometimes hurtful, and wrongful stereotypes associated with each gender. Although I am a born female and define myself with a female gender identity I still do not agree with the automatically given stereotypes on both female and male genders. A female can be just as strong as a male, and a male can be just as delicate and nurturing as a female.

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