Gender Identification And The Dominant Culture

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1. My gender identification relates to the dominant culture through my various roles and personality as a female. I strongly believe that being a strong woman is important in today’s society, as many fields are male dominated. I practice my strengths as a woman through remaining a positive, responsible, and kind individual. Being a female has brought many challenges, such as becoming independent and learning to become a role model for your peers. The challenges that women face, not only make us stronger, but they also make us wiser and I believe that 's what makes females powerful in today’s society. 2. My gender location is an advantage because females have the ability to do different activities and other things that males simply could not. For instance, growing up in school, the females in the classroom had the advantage over the males because they were able to line up in the classroom before the males when going to lunch or recess. I also feel like females are at an advantage because they are respected more than males and when a female like myself shows strength and knowledge, you get even more respect, especially from males. Culture/Ethnicity 3. I am a member of the dominant culture, which is the American society. Being apart of the American society is an advantage because I am given rights that all me to be a free individual and choose my own actions, such as religion and speech. Being an American is a privilege because people in other countries don’t get the freedom that I and other American have as some cannot choose which religion to follow or other culture laws that they must obey. I am honored to be apart of the American society. 4. I am not bicultural and do not consider myself to be as such. Although if I were to be... ... middle of paper ... ...s. 13. I am presently participating in a religious tradition, which is Catholicism. This tradition makes use of the Bible through understanding what is expected of us and through reflections of our own actions. During mass, there are readings from the Bible that allow us to reflect. 14. I am a member of a dominant religion because my religion is among the highest religion practiced in the world. I attend St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Visalia, California that has over twenty different masses every week. 15. My religious location is an advantage, but could also be a disadvantage. It is an advantage because it is of a more dominant religious tradition and there are many activities and ways to get involved through the church. The only disadvantage would be the ability to create relationships and bonds since there are many people involved in the church and community.
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