Gender Essay On Gender And Gender In Everyday Life

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Gender in Everyday Life While keeping a list of actions and behavior that falls under my gender identity of a woman; I had a total of 10 items. According to our book You May Ask Yourself gender is being defined as “a social position; the set of social arrangements that are built around normative sex categories” (Conley D. 2017 pg. 283) and gender role is “sets of behavioral norms assumed to accompany one’s status as male or female” (Conley D. 2017 pg. 291). Since I choose to do this on a Saturday that was a day dedicated to me sitting and studying all day, I as if I was able to write every gender action down; but I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed anything since we are so used to our ways and routines we don’t always recognize our action as…show more content…
I was very surprised how many times I would catch myself brushing out my hair or fixing up my hair with my hand putting it in a bun etc.; even though I didn’t go or played on going anywhere and I was in my room for the majority of the day. I would argue that is because I don’t like my hair all tangled and in my way since it makes it harder to detangle my hair later on; but, a sociologist would probably say that it’s because of my femininity and my beauty role as a woman. I see my school life as being least impacted by my gender identity. Not teacher wise but, more how I study and do my assignment. I feel as if the way a woman reads a book and studies would be similar to the way a man would. That could still be argued since a man “tolerates more pain” (Science Daily) they would be able to push themselves more and spend more time on their work; we as I tend to space out every couple…show more content…
I also noticed how I would do some of the things in a more feminine way, so I can justify that behavior. For me, I would like to think that my gender identity does not have a such a significant impact on my everyday life since I don’t really care if I come off masculine or feminine. Even with me not caring which category I fall into, after examining my behavior I see that our gender identity plays at least a little role in our everyday life since we are part of

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