Gender Equality Essay

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The lead in the hunger games is a woman and Marvel made Thor a female. Is this a sign that our society is approaching gender equality? We have reached a point in society where women are finally starting to be considered as an equal to a man. Gender equality is supposed be a human right, but the world faces a never-ending access to decision-making power for women. Gender equality means that men and women have equal power and equal opportunities for financial independence, education, and personal development. Each year, the World Economic Forum conducts a study that benchmarks the gender gap in around 135 countries using gender related data. The World Economic Forum recently ranked the United States as 19th in the world on its gender gap index.…show more content…
Advancements in science, innovation, information, wellbeing, education, future and political investment are amongst those that frequently start things out to mind. In any case, maybe none has been as emotional and pervasive in its effect as ladies ' moderate procurement of human rights. A century back, women were regularly avoided from the full practice of those social liberties which many men delighted in. Men over the globe have needed to grapple with ladies practicing their as of late obtained rights in the working environment, in governmental issues furthermore, at home. However no place has genuine uniformity been accomplished. Particular parts of men and women are as yet experiencing significant change, during the time spent changing the way of the family, society, society and legislative issues alongside financial aspects and the universe of…show more content…
We are at a point in history where all people are considered to be equal, especially in this country. But even in this “equal world,” women are still paid less. If we don’t actively do more to help with this Gender Equality issue we are going to run into a lot of problems now and in the future. The United States has done a nice job of providing equal opportunities so that women have a choice of what they want to do. But not all places have done as well. In Israel, women are badly discriminating by the gender roles assigned to them. Even though many people will tell you that this is due to their traditions and customs, I still believe there is too much discrimination against

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