Gender Equality

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For thousands of years ,women have been seen as the weaker sex. It was commonly thought that they were ,too silly to hold a job , too weak to fight for their country, or too senseless to run a country .That they’re not good for anything other than cooking, cleaning and caring for children. But for thousands of years women have been proving them wrong, with Miranda Stuart confirming that women can think , the infamous Joan of Arc showing that women can fight and Hatshepsut proving that women can rule. However many women are still being seen as second class citizens, especially in countries like Saudi Arabia with women being denied things that would seem like basic rights to people living here or in other developed countries

In Saudi Arabia women aren’t legally allowed to drive and when one woman tried to, she got jail time ,death threats and consequently her child was bullied because of it! To not be able to drive because of your gender is preposterous ,especially because in Saudi Arabia where walking around alone or taking public transport isn’t as a women just isn’t done. so Sa...
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