Gender Discrimination Between Men And Women Essay

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In today’s society we are facing a serious problem, which is the discrimination between men and women. Too many people this isn’t really an issue at all or they’re just used to the gender ladder with men always being at the top. It has been going on for so long that people are used to this idea and few actually stand up to gender discrimination because it’s believe to be the social norm. When it comes to gender discrimination between men and women it can come in many forms. In both of my articles I will be talking about the different forms of gender discrimination such gender wage and the sexist language.

As society keeps moving forward women going into the workforce has been seeing a rise in the past few decades. With that it may seems like
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Focusing on the the American language, the language makes it seem that women are far much inferior. In society we use words such as fireman, policeman, man-made, mankind, and so much other words, we never realized how much we generalize women while using male terms. In the article Why Sexist Language Matters by Sherryl Kleinman who feels strongly in the change of the sexist language because “If we aren’t even deserving of our place in humanity in language, why should we expect to be treated as decent human beings otherwise? (Welkley & Torres, 2015, p. 70). Kleiman is saying that she really feels that women are very below men on the ladder, so if we can’t even acknowledge them in language then how can we even treat them equally. In Kleiman’s article suggest that people who are reading should start with a change in language and not follow the way how society uses sexist language in the social norm. She also gave example on how a person should address such as “server” instead of “waitress”,”officer” instead of “policemen”, and etc. These are small steps explained by Kleiman in order to break down the sexist language barrier in gender discrimination. In Kleiman’s argument she’s very one sided by how she’s arguing about there being a sexist language barrier between the two genders. This is only based off of her own experiences and
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