Gender Differences

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Throughout history, society has limited women to certain gender roles. Children learn the norms of society beginning in their early stages of life. They are taught the characteristics of gender that pertains to them. For example, a girl would be most likely to be exposed to dolls and nurture them, whereas a boy would be most like to be involved in sports or any skilled activity. The gender norms of women have been passed down through time and have been integrated into many institutions. This limits women to activities such as cooking, cleaning, childbearing and emotional labor. On the other hand, men are more likely to participate in the role of the breadwinner. The culturally constructed gender norms by society have constrained many women to benefit from opportunities fit for men. Society has shaped and created specific roles that are appropriate for both women and men. Institutions discriminate against women because they believe they are not fit for the specific role. The gender roles of both men and women are culturally created, and therefore are not a just measure of ability to succeed in society. The discrimination against women in direct combat roles is a result of the culturally constructed gender norms. It is natural to think that women are not capable of handling the activity in combat because of natural differences. People perceive women as fragile and vulnerable. For this reason women are, women are expected to take on roles that involve less violence and more nurturing. However, the natural differences between males and females should not dictate the abilities of a person. Every person is equal to one; they are no less than males. A female should be given the same opportunity a male is given. They should be allowed ... ... middle of paper ... ...eas the women would more likely go on to take a role similar to that of a caretaker. The roles of women are limited because of gender biases. In my perspective, I believe it would be fair for society if the Secretary does not judge the abilities of a person according to the natural differences between males and females. It should solely be based on a person’s ability to meet the requirements of the U.S. military. The entrance examinations should be all the same for every person. However, the Secretary should also not make the entrance examinations impossible for the female candidates to pass. The accepted candidates should fall above the average score, which resembles an average of both male and female abilities and not just men. This would be just for society, and there will be fair opportunities for males and females. Ability should overrule the stigmas of women.

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