Gender Conflict In Susan Glaspell's Trifles

A Documented play of Susan Glaspell’s “Trifles”
Gender conflict in Susan Glaspell’s play trifles present the leading dilemma for the insurance of female alliances against male dominance. Which sets off rigid attitudes within the scene of the crime, leading to the corruption of Evidence, and the flawed investigation to solving Mrs. Wright crimes.
Henry Peters and Lewis Hale believe that their wives are not fit for obtaining any structural qualities and that they are identified as impulsive and small-minded individuals to worry about extreme issues such as the investigation of John Wright’s murder Mr. Hale stated “Well, women are used to worrying over trifles” (Glaspell 258). The two men never permit the females authority to converse with them
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Hale and Mrs. Peters grew restless of the two men and their diminutive comments over female capabilities and Minnie Wrights innocence of the crime. This situation provoke the women to form an alliance against their husbands for the protection of Mrs. Wright. The men’s attitude cause the women to feel unappreciated and to become secretive in their findings of clues and evidence by concealing them from the eyesight of the men Holstein states “Mrs. Hale And Mrs. Peters use their imaginations to picture troubling situations and wander vastly different territories” (Holstein 282). Unlike the men Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters unraveled that Mr. Wright was not much of a well-mannered individual around his wife; ridiculing her, and abusing her mentally and physically. As the men continued to insult Mrs. Wright and her farmhouse the women became more resentful towards the men As Mrs. Hale stated “You know, it seems kind of sneaking. Locking her up in town and then coming out here and trying to get her own house to turn against her!” (Glaspell 261). The women are unsettled with the men having to make all the important decisions, and demand justice for Mrs. Wright as she is symbolized as a sweet and full of happiness as of the canary that is the ultimate symbol of freedom even in…show more content…
The evidence regarding to Mrs. Wright criminal misconduct was concealed in secrecy by the alliance of Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters, for they were not realizing that hiding evidence would do more harm than good for Minnie wright’s behalf, because of their attitude of achieving an exclusive quality than there husband’s, to prove that they can do just as much as the men or more and neglecting in actually saving Mrs. Wright from custody Mael has proclaimed “Minnie’s trifles raise the consciousness of both women especially Mrs. Peters moving them from awareness to anger to action” (Mael 282). Mr. Hale and Mr. Peters overlooked on how to correctly handle the investigation, instead the men senselessly point out the inferiority of women, and insulting their capabilities to become as equal as the men. The outcome of the Investigation revealed to be a catastrophe, because the male officials presumed that Minnie Wright was the victim that committed the crime I n murdering her husband Mr. wright as they didn’t obtain any leads or information to know if she did it or not. The women immediately began collecting all of Mrs. Wrights belongs including the evidence that will get Mrs. Wright accused for the Murder. As the men’s insults on Mrs. Wright famine housekeeping capabilities made the unease causing them to devastate the crime

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