Gender Communication And The United States

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Gender Communication in the United States Gender is a structure that outlines what it means to be a man or woman. Therefore, gender communication is the communication of men and women. It is about how members of a certain sex relate to the other. (Arliss, 1991, p.13). Both male and females have different perceptions towards each, and they are believed to behave differently because their gender qualities. Then, there are different viewpoints about communication between men and women. A common one is that men and women talk differently. But I am going to discuss the other standpoint that there are no differences in intergender communication. In the U.S, just like any other part of the world, there has been a focus on the differences between the communications of the two genders. But the factors that show that their gender interaction is the same have been overlooked. It is true that there are some dissimilarities, but there is also another perspective as far as communication is concerned. Both male and female adjust speech patterns. That is, they both communicate in a particular way because of given circumstances. (Arliss, 1991, p.19). If females change their communication because of the situation, while the male counterparts remain the same in the same situation, then the communication between the two could be said to be entirely different. But they will both adapt a pattern of communication to enable them suitable for a given situation. In other words, if a man or woman intends to give a speech about cancer, he or she will be required to shift from the ordinary world to that of cancer. The fact that both change patterns because of scenarios shows that the standpoint about the lack of difference in men and women communication is t... ... middle of paper ... ...information is interpreted in a particular way, on the basis of gender. The same case applies to men. If there were no labels such as feminine and masculine, the much discussed differences between male and female communication would be absent. (Hall, 1987, p.69). But since there are gender viewpoints, that’s why there are differences such as; women are polite than men, women express feelings than men; women talk more than men and so on. Such differences are as a result of the societal labels between men and women. Conclusion Being male or females are just labels given to men and women in the American society. It, therefore, means that both genders communicate the same, but the difference is brought about, by the perceptions that people have. A man or woman is believed to interact in a specific way because of the societal construction about feminine and masculine.
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