Gender Bender Essay: My Gender Bender

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Gender Bender Essay For my gender bender experience I wanted to dress as “boyish” as I could and go to a place where I would not only be seen in my outfit but where my outfit would be the focal point of every conversation I had so I went to a suburban mall. Being a frequent visitor to any and all malls I am very much used to being treated kindly from retail workers. Normally, when I walk into a store I am greeted with a warm smile and an offer to help me find whatever I am looking for, during this experience that was not the case whatsoever. I quickly realized that due to my appearance different types of people from different generations were not only confused by me but also felt the need to treat me much differently. I walked into Macy’s department store wearing my boyfriend’s baggiest sweatpants, t-shirt and a pair of tennis shoes. My plan was to dress like a boy while I shopped in the men’s department to see if the workers, who are suppose to be there to help everyone, would treat me differently than they do when I walk into Macy’s in a pair of heels and carrying a purse. As soon as I walked into the store I saw four or five Macy’s employees standing around talking to each other. I noticed most of them were probably around thirty-five to fifty years old but one was a friendly looking young nineteen year-old girl (I asked…show more content…
78). This theory says theory posits that children learn about their respective gender identities by being rewarded when they behave as their respective gender expects them to and are punished for “gender-inappropriate behavior” (Renzetti, p. 78). It is interesting to consider this theory when thinking about Lauren and Trish’s separate reactions towards me an obvious woman dressed in men’s clothing. Because Lauren did not “punish” me for acting gender-inappropriately but Trish did, it shows that this social learning theory could possibly become irrelevant in the future since society’s perception of gender norms is