Gender Aspects Of Feminism In The Girl On The Train

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Many believe that all females are in support of feminist theory because it is the idea of all women being treated equally to men. Often males are blamed for the dividing line between the two genders because males are considered superior but a problem cannot be blamed on an entire gender since not all females are feminists. Females often complain of not being treated equally and respectively by males but are hypocrites because they are allowing themselves to be the victims of their complaints, In The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins the female characters are not followers of feminism because they allow themselves to be taken advantage of and submissive to the male characters. The lack of control the females have reveals how many females…show more content…
Megan Hipwell, a girl Rachel watches from the train, is married to Scott Hipwell and aches to be independent and free. Megan believes that being adventurous and free is what is going to make her happy which she does so by having scandalous affairs. Her affairs go to show how sociopathic she is because she likes the idea of the act itself being wrong and becomes obsessive. When Megan is coming home she thinks about her affair she thinks to herself what she likes “most about it, having power over someone. That 's the intoxicating thing” (47). Megan is evidently a very unhealthy person with a twisted mind. She shows no remorse or empathy for her selfish actions. Megan says to herself “I don’t want to hurt anybody, but you have to be true to yourself” (46). Megan is self centered and does not practice feminism…show more content…
Megan uses her feminine features to seduce men and indulges herself into them. Megan loses control over herself many times by manipulating and blackmailing men the minute she does not receive what she wants, proving she just wants to feel wanted. Megan becomes very devious behind her husbands back without him knowing when they are about to have sex and she says to herself how she is not even thinking of him but “I’m good enough to make him believe it is all about him” (48). Megan is a sociopathic female who shows no respect for herself which is was Hawkin’s is trying to show with Megan. Even though Megan is not settled down to one man and strives to be independent, she is not a follower of feminism. Megan has no respect for herself or those around her and lets the males use her for sex.. Megan represents the females of today 's society who think having multiple sex partners and not being settled down is the definition of feminism and being equal to men. Feminism is having confidence in yourself and not having to receive that gratitude from someone else which is all Megan does which is why her character dies. Megan’s death represents how being a liar and manipulator does not make someone a strong woman it just makes them weaker because she invited these men into her life to take advantage of her. Hawkin’s portrays Megan as a flaky untrusting female who wants to be

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