Gender And Gender Socialization

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From the moment a person is born and often earlier, that person is categorized by their gender and will spend the rest of their life facing the questions of identity and appropriate behavior respective to their gender. Diana Kendall defines gender as “the culturally and socially constructed differences between females and males found in the meanings, beliefs, and practices associated with “femininity” and “masculinity” (Kendall 303), and socialization as “the lifelong process of social interaction through which individuals acquire a self-identity and the physical, mental, and social skills needed for survival in society” (Kendall 75). Gender socialization begins at or before birth and is perpetuated by the parents’ views on gender, is reinforced…show more content…
Much of the role-playing and household tasks children do/are assigned translates into real-life; families tend to divide tasks according to gender, and children typically choose activities and occupations that reflect their learned roles. For example, female children may be encouraged to play with baby or Barbie® dolls, help their mothers in the kitchen, and “dress-up” in dresses and other feminine costumes. These forms of gendered socialization seem to funnel females into stereotypically female occupations like stay-at-home motherhood, and teaching, while their male counterparts are more likely to enter the STEM fields and achieve greater levels of promotion at their jobs. In addition to earning promotions and advancement, men usually make more than women, with women earning 77 percent “of the amount earned by men in the same category” (Kendall 318. Though the exact numbers and details of this disparity are frequently argued, the gender pay gap currently is taking center stage in two particular fields: Hollywood and the United States Soccer Federation. Females in both of these sectors have spoken out and, in the case of U.S. Soccer, taken action against unfair gender bias in compensation. From “Everything You Need To Know About The Hollywood Pay Gap:” “Not only are women grossly underrepresented in film, television and comedy, they are also often
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