Gender And Gender Roles Essay

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Gender role, refers to society’s concept of how man and women are expected to act and behave. Gender stereotypes are an oversimplified belief about the attitudes, traits, and behavior patterns of males and females (Rathus, 2010, p.447).. Gender roles and gender stereotypes are very similar they both involve both male and female and the why they are supposed to behave a certain way. Gender roles and stereotypes affect men and women in other ways, some behaviors are learned and some come about through observations (Gender Roles and Stereotypes). Gender roles and gender stereotypes are different because of these things, gender roles are biological and social factors, and are simply apart of who they are and how they see themselves. Whereas gender…show more content…
Physical, Cognitive, personality, and behavioral all differ between male and female, which can explain when some people act fake or seem to real. The differences in men and women physically are women have ovaries where men have testes for reproduction purposes. Women have a smaller build with wider hips, and have little to no facial hair. Men are normally bigger in build with muscle tone greater than females; they have facial hair, and have deeper sounding voices than females (Rathus, 2010, p.448). Cognitively male and females are most likely to differ in the result of social and or cultural factors. Depending on the people men and women can differ in cognitively by how they were raised. Saying that one person is…show more content…
Female characters often depicted in depicted in film and television cast gender stereotypes and the likelihood of women, specifically young women, to be hyper sexualized in film is far more than men (Azad,2012,Sex Icons). Not only do woman disrespect their own bodies and personal images, men as well give themselves a stereotypical image as well. Men in media often seems that they differ a lot. Primarily, they are less real, more perfect and more predictable (Media men affect out lives,

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