Gender And Gender Roles

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All around the world society has created an ideological perspective for the basis of gender roles. Gender and sex are often times misused and believed to be interchangeable. This is not the case. There are two broad generalization of sexes; female and male, yet there is a vast number of gender roles that each sex should more or less abide by. The routinely cycle of socially acceptable behaviors and practices is what forms the framework of femininity and masculinity. The assigned sex categories given at birth have little to do with the roles that a person takes on. Biological differences within females and males should not be used to construe stereotypes or discriminate within different groups. Social variables such as playing with dolls or playing with balls helps to influence the behaviors and norms that coincide with gender identities. Gender roles are a learned and taught behavior. People tend to conform to groups that engage in discriminatory behaviors if it gives them a feeling of normalcy. These conventions play a predominant role all around the world and thus influence people into accepting the terms of same and opposite gender roles. Society constructs a set of unwritten cultural laws that defines the way people should be characterized and idealized, thus giving rise to gender inequalities. The differences that arises between socially constructed gender roles, lay out the path for unfair treatment and prejudice on an individual and structural level. Gender inequalities are implanted in the very center of every society. Even in the confinement of one’s own mind, gender roles still play a key part in how we choose to act, think, and dress. At an early age, boys and girls learn to dress and behave according to their gender r... ... middle of paper ... ...crutinizes men under the norms implemented by this system. Parson’s sex role theory seems to justify the systematic approach of patriarchy; explaining how men and women have a distinct role to play; men being the provider, and women being the housewives. By producing these types of workers, the arrangement of the nuclear family has been implemented (289). These distinct roles place a stress upon both males and females to live up to a certain expectation society has played out. Yet the inequality that is systematically drawn by patriarchy upholds a higher stress on males. Although masculinity may seem almighty for all the advantages that are seeming brought forth, there is actually a lot of stress and conflicts that arises with it. Men are relied more on to work, provide a shelter, carry out tasks, there is so much on their plate that it is difficult to juggle.

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