Gender And Gender Identity: Advancements Of Personal Identity

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Gender- that is the question. What is it exactly and how does one learn it and identify with it? Does one enforce it or become one with it? As individuals go through daily routines, jobs and life in general, gender identity is constantly encompassing one’s thoughts, actions, reactions and decisions.
Gender and sex are two terms that seem to be misunderstood and interchanged within sentences and meanings. When in reality, they are two completely separate words and meanings. The term sex is a critical term, which should be defined in order to understand what gender is. Sex is defined by Serano as the biological trait in which makes a person physically female and/or male (Serano 24). In this definition we find that sex is used as a schema
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The New York law 47-2, which states “All single-occupant bathrooms in New York City must become gender-neutral...” New York is not the only state that has become proactive in this area. Close to home, Boulder Valley School District is being proactive to create a positive atmosphere for all individuals, while being sensitive to gender identity. They too are asking all schools to have a gender-neutral bathroom for students which are exploring their individual gender identity. All teachers are being trained in “gender sensitivity.” The district is advocating for teachers to use gender neutral terms such a ‘students’ or ‘1st graders’ rather than girls and boys in order to create a positive and safe atmosphere for all young learners. Through these laws and changes society is being taught how to be sensitive to such social…show more content…
Some of these attributes include a set of personality traits, appearances, and feelings. Gender is conveyed through the process of socialization. It begins with our parents, family, and friends finding out our biological sex and they then use this to socialize our life. In society one often is taught to associate one’s personal identity with gender specific traits from childhood songs “ girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice…”, pink blankets for girls, blue blankets for boys, dolls for girls and cops and robbers for boys. With this new thought process, the hope is that girls and boys can play with guns, and dolls and regardless of their gender identity. One’s hope is to create gender-neutral stereotypes and unique individual identity rather than a gender specific identity; therefore, one will be comfortable with whom they are as a character. While these laws change and form, the ultimate objective is that society as a whole will begin to accept sex and it’s true definition and gender as it’s true definition to create a well-unbiased society of

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