Gender And Gender Equality In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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While reading contemporary authors, their books may convey or portray current issues that are visible in our current society. However, in the example of the novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley uses the creature to reflect gender equality. The creature wishes to be treated equal and to be equal to man in every aspect, however, man denies the idea and treats the creature as another species. This can reflect the idea of equality for women, also, the idea of discrimination can be interpreted. Since the creature is technically human because the body’s composition is made out of human body parts, the creature has the intelligence of a person and has the ability to show, feel or have emotions, yet he is treated differently due to his appearance. These ideas are also…show more content…
Personally, working individually is better for me. While my partners seem to be reliable and smart, it would not be difficult to complete the project with ease. However, I am more worried about me being the person that holds back the group, or me being the one who makes the group fail. Since, individually the only person responsible would be myself, working in a group would only prove to be stressful. Working in a group would also divide the amount of work between our group members. While dividing the work is the best perk of working in a group, if a group member fails to complete their assigned work, it would be a major setback for the group. For the group project it seems you should announce what type of project it would be. The satire project seems to be difficult, because the type of writing consists on conveying an idea, while you critique the idea either to reflect the idea in a positive or negative manner. In the video you showed us, the satire seemed to be a relatively simple task. However, if the project would consist of a written satire, it would be more difficult to produce in written
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