Gender And Double Standards On The Assessment Of Job Applicants

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Faschi, Martha, Larissa Lai, and Kristen Sigerson . “Gender and double standards in the assessment of job applicants”. Social Psychology Quarterly 57.4 (1994):326-339. web This article was published in December of 1994. The article has not been revised since its publication. This information will still work this are how double standard task descriptions are between male and female in the workplace. A test was taken in order to test this method. This data could be used to support facts within the paper. This shows reasons why there shouldn’t be any factor such as gender that should stop people from getting a job. The intended audience are the employers and people in business leadership roles. The information uses a lot of jargon that would require a dictionary. The authors of this journal are Martha Faschi, Larissa Lai, and Kristen Sigerson. They are students from the university of British Columbia. It was published by the American Sociological Association. The source that was used for the journal was the Social Psychology Quarterly. The authors performed a test to see if task really were associated with gender. The language of the authors is unbiased and objective. The purpose of this article is to inform people about the similarities of men and women in the workforce. This source has credibility and in order to be used as a source. (200) Peterson, Trond, and Thea Togstad.”getting the offer: sex discrimination in hiring. “Research in social stratification and mobility 24.3 (2006) : 239-257. Web. This article was posted in June of 2006. The article has not revised since that date. This information is still current considering the length of years between 2006 and 2016. The information relates to my topic because it shows how there ... ... middle of paper ... ...eated in the workplace. The intended audience in the article are the people that are in the labor force or hold high leadership position in the labor force. There is a high level of comprehension when reading the article because things are explained in layman’s terms. The authors behind this article are Shelley J. Correll and Stephen Bernard. Both authors of the article are sociology professors, so their credibility is strong. They are qualified to write about this topic. The url has an .edu description. This improves the credibility of the source given. The information is backed up using evidence from research. There is an overall objectiveness inside the source. The only opinions expressed in the articles are the ones that speak against discrimination. The purpose of this article is to inform people that these actions take place whether we realize it or not. (220)

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