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Gender can be defined as the sex-role that a person takes on according to guidelines or standards instilled in us by society. One can be a male or female biologically, but still be perceived as the opposite sex due to the way one may think or present him self or her self. Whether or not we are born with certain biological traits different in male versus female is the nature versus nurture question that has been around for years. Through research, science has found that men and women differ in the way they process information, but whether or not this is due to the way that they are socialized or if in fact they are born this way has yet to be proven.
In women and men, both respectfully, there exist many obvious differences that may sometimes overshadow some similarities. Some of the more common identities familiarized with the males are their independence and sometimes exaggerated aggressiveness. Males also tend to be more focused on tasks and connections when with larger groups. The women, on the other hand, tend to be more interdependent, less aggressive, more sharing, more imitation of relationship and intimate discussion, more charitable, more empathetic, more likely to smile, more sensitive, and more skilled at expressing emotions non-verbally. Let’s face it males, women are the super humans. One of the positive key advantages of a male is their assertiveness and high self-esteem. The women on the other hand are more extroverted and tender minded, qualities, which enable them to be all of the characteristics listed before. When gender differences are viewed at in a sexual aspect, the men are still the stereotypical “pigs”. Through relationships males are more likely to be involved for one thing, sex. The females, being much more sensitive and all, want love and compassion through a relationship, and maybe sex, or making love on the side. In other words men want lust and women want love.
Although popular belief may have that the females are the more mentally advanced, or smarter, studies show that both males and females have the same academic abilities and IQ average. Males are much better with mental rotation though.
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