Gears for Thought

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Epic Games and Microsoft Studios developed a series of games, initially released in 2006, known as Gears of War. Epic Games, having already had a good reputation for the development of its PC entertainment up and through the 1990s, was held at expectations for its pairing with Microsoft Studios to produce a quality product for the new Xbox 360 platform. Having been released only a year prior, the Xbox 360 was continually increasing in popularity and profits, and had countless customers just waiting to pay for all and any new, exciting games. On the release of Gears of War, it became an instant hit and won a variety of “Game of the Year” awards. The game included gore, violence, a great story, and characters, but overall people seemed to be attracted to this game for the traditional ‘fight for human survival’ sense of the game. Due to the great success of the game, the series continued on for another two games to complete the trilogy. The same attributes of the first game, listed above, resurfaced throughout the rest of the trilogy, which were expanded upon and continually made more interesting, but the developers wanted to do something more than just create another shooter game. The game developers wanted to make a statement of people/players lack of attention to what goes on in the world around them. They did this by pushing the envelope as far as they could with the in-game story and action, to see if they could get a reaction out of the people playing. The developers use several themes, scenes, and player’s actions, to push the players into realizing that some of the horrible things going on in the game, are going on all around them in the real world. The main aspect throughout the entire trilogy is, of course, war. From the m... ... middle of paper ... ...lso entailed a variety of underlying meanings and messages to the players. The developers wanted us to see that not everything that was happening in the game should be something that we just accept and walk away with. We need to be thinking about how such things are going on in the world around us, so we don’t continue to make the same mistakes. In the final scene of the game, Marcus says to a fellow soldier, “What’s left, Anya? What have we got left now?” He finally realizes that all of the actions made by himself may not have fully paid off. Although he helped win the war, it was at the cost of his dearest friends and family. So in final thought; we cannot make the same mistakes that have been made before, we need to pay attention and be aware of what else is going on. If we choose to be ignorant and forgetful, we will only cause us and the rest of the world harm.

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