Gay Marriage and Its Issues

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Gay Marriage and its Issues
Gay marriage has been an issue for a very long time and since some states are legalizing it, many worry that it would soon be added as an amendment. The topic of gay marriage brings up religious, legal, and many other issues. In "What's wrong with Gay Marriage?" by Katha Pollitt, the author supports gay marriage and wants it legalized. She states that there is no problem with gay marriage and it's all a matter of separating the church and state. But in “Gay ‘Marriage’: Societal Suicide,” by Charles Colson, the author opposes the idea of gay marriage and states that it will destroy society. Marriage is intended to unite a man and a woman together to bring children into the world, but due to the same-sex marriage, families are collapsing and crime is increasing (Gay “Marriage”: Societal Suicide 577). Both essays talk about the positive and negative sides of gay marriage and how it would or wouldn’t affect society.
In “Gay ‘Marriage’: Societal Suicide,” the author’s arguments were more effective and valid than the ones in “What's wrong with Gay Marriage?” because he states that marriage is supposed to be between a man and woman to bring children into the world. The incident in Norway, for example, when they imposed same-sex marriage, it brought in low birth rates. Society needs children because they are the founders of the future. Same-sex marriages not only affect birth rates but also affect crime rates. Children who grew up in families of only one parent most likely became delinquents and in prison. Having only one parent influences how the child is raised and how they behave in society. In “Gay ‘Marriage’: Societal Suicide” the author brings up how children who grew up in broken homes tend to have more ...

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... with Gay Marriage?” by Katha Pollitt. He added his own experience of working as a prison minster for thirty year and what he observed with the families of the prisoners. He “witnessed the disastrous consequences of family breakdown-in the lives of thousands of delinquents” (Gay “Marriage”: Societal Suicide 577). The issue of gay marriage should be addressed the same way it has been in the future. States that want to legalize it should do it, while the states that don’t want to legalize it, shouldn’t. Since society and politics are split on this issue, gay marriages should not be legalized in all states. That way, it’s fair for everyone, those who wish to marry, can go to those states who grant it, and the other states who dislike the idea of gay marriage, shouldn’t legalized it. If gay couples wish to marry each other, they can go to a state where it is allowed.
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