Gay Marriage: Why Should We Legalize It?

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Gay Marriage: Why Should We Legalize It?

Gay marriage tends to spark many different opinions in the hearts and minds of the citizens of this great nation. This political issue is usually one that would spark a heated debate between even the closest of friends. The subject description typically spurs intense hatred and anger, even. You would more than likely witness numerous signs picketing this issue whether it may be a revised Bible quote deeming it a sin or a sign decked out in the many colors of the rainbow which is the universal flag for gays. I propose that gay marriage should be legalized because nontraditional couples should have just as many rights and privileges as traditional couples and the legalization of it is not responsible for any snowball effect that may occur afterwards.

Gay marriage, which is also known as same-sex marriage, is customarily the marriage between two individuals of the same sex. This debate has been going strong since the 1960s with a sudden reemergence in the last 20 years. The debate was brought on by a Supreme Court ruling in the state of Hawaii that stated that the attempt to ban gay marriage was unconstitutional if the court could not give a sound motive for discriminating against same-sex couples. Afterwards, many other states in the country made the decision to inhibit the marriage of gays and lesbians. During this time period, the Vermont Supreme Court allowed gay couples the legal rights of marriage. The courts then put the decision of how they would go about granting these rights in the hands of the state legislature. A year later it had been permitted that the bill granted the lawful rights to the couples but without the title of marriage.

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