Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

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Cann Chin
Professor Griesmann
English 1B
20 February 2013
Gay Marriage
Since the dawn of time, homosexuality has naturally occurred along with the rest of the world, but to many people, attraction to the same gender is still considered an abnormality. Lifestyles, such as orientation, gender, or race are constantly berated with discrimination, especially in the past. In our current society, discrimination has withered to a bare minimum, but there will always be room for a new one to rise. A large portion of the world have judgemental eyes, and sadly, these eyes have denied the rights of many, with one of the major discrimination being gay marriage. In the United States, only nine out of fifty states allow gay marriage. The low rates of gay marriage causes a concern that society may never acknowledge homosexuality. Instead of only nine states, gay marriage should be legalized for the whole country, in fact, the whole world should acknowledge and legalize gay marriage. Legalizing gay marriage is vital, because not only will humans receive the basic right to marry, but it will also manifest creations of stable families, and alleviate the economy.
In our current society, being homosexual is considered as a sin to many people, and these people also believe that gays should not deserve the basic right to marry simply because it is deemed unnatural. There are homosexuals today are still hiding behind a wall of secrets, and will remain behind these walls until people stop branding homosexuality as a sin. “Most fundamentalists believe that homosexual behavior is sinful. Overall, those who believe that homosexuality is a sin typically also believe that is a choice” (Andryszewski 28). The “sin” of being homosexual instills fear on children...

... middle of paper ... our society. Legalizing gay marriage leads the future to a world where the word discrimination is no longer in the dictionary, and a world that will provide a place for children to be born without the fear of being looked down upon. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever” (King 365). Throughout history, American Negroes have fought for their civil right and won, females have fought for civil rights and won, and now it is time that we accept homosexual into our society and reward them victory.

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