Gay Marriage Is The Same As An Older Edition Of The Book

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The gay marriage issue gets a considerable amount of attention. Gay rights are a good start for advanced students and beginning researchers. The format of a book about gay marriage is the same as an older edition of the book. The book includes “Law of gay rights” and “Gay rights and US culture.” The book also includes biographical key points from both sides-for and against gay rights. The constitution, rest on a bedrock belief of equal worth and dignity for every person. Everyone will forever discriminate against each other whether it is color, religion, sexuality, etc. Coyne believes that many people are afraid that gay rights may intimidate heterosexual lifestyles. Frum believes that the purpose of marriage is to establish a nuclear family. Coyne and Frum is support gay rights and present opposing views of people regarding homosexual marriage. Gay rights activists singled out Obama’s change of heart in favor of same sex marriage. People opposing gay rights blamed Democrats for their defeat. The election shows that eventually the country will support gay marriage. The state of Delaware’s governor stated that he will pass a law approving gay marriage. In 2008, opponents that opposed gay marriage won and convinced California to oppose gay rights. The gay rights struggle against police force raid on the Stonewall Inn from 1969 to the present. Libraries should include gay rights for its currency of information. Andryszewski gives the pros and cons on all of the hot issues on civil rights protection and legislation, gays in the military, the church views on homosexuality, gay marriage, and family life. A chapter on controversies in the ‘90’s recent progress and setbacks in legislation, such as hate bills and Boy Scout cases. Photos il... ... middle of paper ... ...age.Obama’s announcement last week is a reminder that Democrats historically have come to support gay rights.Social conservatives who opposed gay rights came to dominate the Republican Party, which was making it difficult for gay Republicans to speak up. Same-sex relationships, both male and female, are still against the law in most of Africa and much of Asia.There are more countries in the world that send people to jail for loving someone of the same sex than there are countries that recognize same-sex marriage.Russia introduces an anti-gay law, while Britain makes marriage legal. Two famous female singers fell in love and began working and living together. Sex between two men is a criminal activity according to the law, but being homosexual is not explicitly outlawed, so the police try to find other reasons to prosecute homosexuals, such as indecency or petty crime.

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