Gay Marriage: All Men Are Not Created Equal

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Only seven out of the 50 United States have declared gay marriage legal. These states include California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, Washington D.C. and most recently, Hawaii who legalized gay marriage on February 23 of this year. The governor made a statement saying, “This bill represents equal rights for everyone in Hawaii, everyone who comes here. This to me is the essence of the aloha spirit. With its signing, I want to say ‘welcome’ to the world, come to paradise.” However, this country has continued to vote to keep an estimated 9 million Americans who claim to be homosexual from marrying (Morello). Some are uncomfortable with gay marriage or it may go against their religion but banning it directly violates some of this country’s other laws. As opposition to gay marriage is based mainly on religious views, excludes gay couples from the benefits of marriage, and directly violates the United States Constitution, marriage between same-sex couples should be declared legal in every state.

One strong argument presented is that there must be a separation between church and state. This is used to make sure that the church will not govern the state and guarantees freedom of religion. In all other aspects, religion is not brought into debates about laws. However, when gay marriage becomes the topic of discussion, people argue that the Bible says it is wrong and God does not approve therefore it should not be legal. “One moral standard may not be adequate for the entire population that makes up a country,” (Alamond). There are several different religions in this country, some of which actually support gay marriage so these arguments are not even valid. They do not apply to everyone, as much as the governi...

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