Gay And Homosexuality

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Ronique Bailey April 3, 2014 Intro to Parenting Skills: Gay Lesbian Families vs. Heterosexual Families “Equality is the soul of liberty, there is, in fact not liberty without it” -Frances Wright For some time, there have been many heated debates regarding the homosexual community. Some topics that have been discussed include the following: Are people born as homosexual or does the environment play a role? Is it a trend among young teenagers? Does God condemn homosexuality? Though these topics are popular, perhaps the most discussed is whether homosexuals are suitable for parenthood. Throughout this paper, my main focus will target gay and lesbian families and their lifestyles. We will cover issues on how gay/lesbians parent and heterosexual parent families differ from each other on parental characteristics behavior, the hardships the children may endure, as well as the effects of homosexual parenting on the children in early childhood, middle childhood to early adolescence, as well as late adolescence to adulthood. According to United States Census, approximately 594,000...
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