Gay Adoption

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Gay Adoption
One carefully thought over, unchangeable decision is adoption. The biggest question is who should be allowed to adopt? In the world today people think too much on who have rights to adopt. There are too many kids without homes to sit and pretend like there is no problem going on. It is finally time for someone in this world to take charge and enforce the rights of the human population. Now, Gay adoption is one of the most questioned adoptions. There are people for and against this sort of thing, and now it is time to just state the facts.
In the history of gay and lesbian adoption, the process has been known to be very hard to go through. There are a lot of facts that show being raised in a homosexual home would not have a negative effect on children from any ages. All the laws and rules against being a gay parent have been going on for many years. Gay rights movements are moving along faster than they did before (Lembrecht). People known as the Child Welfare League want to put an end to the discrimination of homosexual parents and let them live normal lives. The world in a whole participates in these discrimination issues. No one tries to stop it and it needs to be put to an end.
One case that went on would be the case between Tony Scott and Scott Amos. They were about to be gay parents and were already foster parents. Their social worker was not too confident in giving them a child and it had taken numerous months for the worker to agree. Before they finally got to adopt, some of their foster children were taken away because of unfair judgment by the judge on the case. The judge had based his decision on his own values of how that kind of living was morally wrong. Another judge after that by the name Andre...

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