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This quote is one of the most popular quotes linked to Gavin Newsom on his views of gay marriage. Unfortunately, this bold statement of encouragement was used as a weapon against the fight for gay marriage rights. Newsom's enthusiastic attitude has, in more than one case, been used against him. This could also be said to describe his much of his political career. Gavin Newsom is the youngest mayor of San Francisco in over 100 years. His inexperience in years he made up for with strong ideas and determination. Although Gavin may not be on everybody's list of favorites, he has played a big role in supporting the battle for equal rights for the gay and lesbian community. As mayor of San Francisco he has been able to move political mountains. Newsom has initiated “Care not Cash” which provides the homeless support instead of direct money helping to offer housing and jobs to create independence instead of consistent dependence. He has also changed policies on recycling and compost in San Francisco, this has caused our city's waste to be decreased as a direct result. Gavin Newsom has personally created over 700 jobs through his business PlumpJack Wines. He has an outlook of solving the problems verses, living in the problems, that is very refreshing. Although his political and personal politics are not for everyone, Gavin Newsom has accomplished great things for the city of San Francisco as well as vocal advocate for gay marriage.

The man with the winning smile, Gavin Newsom is an incredibly social man. The likelihood of running into him at the opening of a hot spot in the city is pretty high. In 2002 his business holdings were worth 6.9 million dollars. He is married to actress Jennifer Seibel and welcomed his first child into the...

... middle of paper ... me such as human rights, and environment. Living in a city with a population literally living on top of each other has brought urban issues to my doorstep. I can appreciate and respect the work that he has done to positively influence my community.

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