Gaudun Products Case Study

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The Major Issues in MIDNIGHT SUN: A. Organizational : Over a period it is becoming difficult for the management to remain focused on the business in the absence of a professional manager & absence of any organizational structure ensuring closer follow-ups on cost of operations and maintenance and updation of manufacturing technology. Due to absence of proper responsibility structure for major decisions are based on discussion on breakfast meetings of the Gaudlupe family. B. Marketing: The brand image of MIDNIGHT SUN Products is not as strong as its nearest competitors, there is hardly any extra budget for sales promotion except for word of mouth and maintaining good customer attention at the store level. In the absence of newer products…show more content…
His restless mind was busy chewing the remotest and latest happenings in his personal and business life reminding him of the successful and not so pleasant incidences of his climb to the present state of affairs. Ram Jorapurkar, belongs to a highly orthodox and traditional family background. Born and brought up in Mumbai, the hectic of life style however had its influence on right from his school age. His mind even then was busy trying for an alternate way of life compared to the regimental environment at home and the surroundings. While maintaining the decorum at home Ram started looking for breaking out from the shackles of conventional schooling and higher studies , definitely not inclined to study for a 9 to 5PM job/career in a government office or Industry as an…show more content…
The worst was over. For over a week since his chat with Paul Chern, the Asia regional head of Elysees Inc., he hadn’t been sure how to discuss the matter with Dhruv. but now it was all in the past. Logging on. He wrote to Paul: “Jain has been apprised. He clears the deck by end-June. Announce the replacement ASAP.” Next mail to Derek Snow, the global head of Elysees’ hair care division (HCD),Paris: “I am anxious about the steady decline in my HC business and given our ambitious targets for 2007, I need to recast the HC team starting with its local leadership. 2006-07 is a critical year for turning around hair care and the events of the last year have been discouraging. I am in discussion with Paul, Dhurv Jain is being replaced.” Barua was relieved. The pressure to explain the decline in the HCD had been mounting on him. And each time he had brought cosmetics and skin care (CSC) to the forefront and waxed eloquent over its performance, but HQ was not to be easily distracted. For HC, which used to be 60 per cent of India three years ago had dwindled to 39 per cent, along with a severe drop in topline. And now Snow had called for the regional review where India’s HCD was to be the focus. The best Barua could do was show action, especially when the global mantra was “The India

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