Gatsby Love

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There are many ways to define what love is. Depending on who gives the answer, the definition will vary, but most people would agree that one characteristic of love is putting someone else above yourself. The main plotline of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby is a love story between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, if one can accurately call their relationship love. Five years before the novel takes place, Daisy and Gatsby met and fell in love. Gatsby was a soldier and left to fight in World War I. Daisy marries a man by the name of Tom Buchanan after receiving a letter from Gatsby. Mr. Gatsby never stops loving Daisy and spends their five years apart building a future for the two of them to share once he gets her back. Daisy spends those five years very differently. Daisy completely moves on with her life, and though she claims to love Gatsby, her actions do not reflect her words and she actually just uses him for her own personal gain. Daisy may have had real feelings for Gatsby when they knew each other five years earlier, but so many things can happen in five years. Daisy creates a new life for herself. She gets married, has a baby, and moves away from her hometown. She would not have spent all of her time thinking of Gatsby since she had a house to run and a husband and baby to take care of. Daisy was probably not planning on ever seeing Gatsby again, and the feelings must have faded after Gatsby went away since she married another man. “I did love him once-but I loved you too” (Fitzgerald 132). It would be one thing if Daisy was forced to marry Tom. If that was the case, perhaps she could have kept her feelings for Gatsby, but she does admit to being in love with Tom when she married him. Surely, it would be easie... ... middle of paper ... ...never have taken advantage of Gatsby’s feelings for her if she truly felt the same way. The only person that Daisy truly loves is herself. The entire book, every decision she made had a selfish motivation behind it. She rekindled her relationship with Gatsby because her relationship with Tom was not what she wanted and she left town knowing that Gatsby would be blamed for something that she did. That is not something to do to someone you love. Gatsby spent so much time and effort putting together a life that Daisy would be impressed by. All he wanted was to make her happy and she did not seem to feel any remorse by betraying him. She never did anything for him in return and he devoted his entire life to her. In the end, she could not even bother to come to his funeral. Daisy turned out to be a selfish coward and did not deserve an unconditional love like Gatsby’s.
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