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In the love triangle between Daisy Buchanan, Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby they are all relatively rich even though Gatsby is newly rich. Gatsby and Daisy were in love when they were young which means that there is history between them, when they get the chance to meet again they are still very much in love still. It takes Gatsby some time and many parties to finally come across Daisy, and once he does come across her he’s scared to talk to her. When Daisy and Gatsby get together they always meet up at Gatsby’s house, they never go out alone because people would most likely start rumors about there being an affair. As the affair is going on Tom catches the suspicion that Daisy’s cheating on him with Gatsby so he hires a private investigator find out more information about him. Gatsby isn’t really in love with the Daisy that he’s currently with; he’s in love with the memory of how she used to be which makes his expectations very high, almost impossible for Daisy to live up to. Gatsby is also really up front about the fact that he is having an affair with Daisy, he intends to make it clear to Tom that he “knows his wife” and that he does intend to take her from him. These are some things about the love affair between Gatsby and Daisy and the love triangle between Tom Buchanan, Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby.
Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby are very similar; they are both put in the position of being with Daisy. Gatsby tries to win her over while her husband, Tom, tries to turn her away from Jay Gatsby in order to have her for himself. However, despite the fact that they are both very wealthy, well settled and living very luxurious lives Daisy chooses to be with Tom over her long lost love; Gatsby, because she and he are better suited for e...

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... married, he was selfish and he made it clear that he really had no need to cheat but he still did it because he could. I think Fitzgerald did this on purpose so that the readers would feel differently about the two love triangles. The relationship between Gatsby and Daisy is nothing like the one between Tom and Myrtle because they’re actually in love and they had been in love since they were much younger. I personally don’t think that Daisy would have cheated on Tom if he hadn’t cheated on her in the first place; he basically pushed her to cheat. She was clearly in love with Tom even though he did cheat on her but since his mistress would call him at his house and he didn’t try to hide the affair she decided that it was fine if she cheated as well. Seeing the reason why both Daisy and Tom cheated is what makes the readers feel differently about those relationships.
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